Our policy is to provide our home infusion patients with state-of-the-art equipment for drug delivery and line maintenance. We understand that equipment that is easy to use is also easy for the visiting RN to teach. This policy helps increase patient compliance resulting in better therapy outcomes.

HOMEPUMP ECLIPSE elastomeric ambulatory infusion system

The last thing a patient returning home from the hospital wants to see is hospital equipment in their home. The HOMEPUMP ECLIPSE system is a single-use, fixed-rate, positive pressure system for the delivery of medications including antibiotics and antivirals. It is totally portable and does not require the patient to be tethered to an IV pole. It can be carried in a pocket or pouch. This products give patients the freedom to take their dose with them when they leave the home for infusion at their convenience. It is available in several sizes and rates and is delivered primed and ready to infuse.


Designed to continually release CHG over 7 days, providing 360° antimicrobial protection to the skin surrounding the catheter insertion site, including the skin beneath the lumen. CHG is proven to have a residual and cumulative effect on the skin, and is proven effective in the presence of organic matter including blood, sera, and proteins.

StatLock® PICC securement device

The Statlock is provided for all patients along with other weekly dressing change supplies. This device is attached to the skin under the transparent dressing. The catheter hub is securely anchored to help prevent lines from being pulled out accidentally.


GRIP-LOK® Universal PICC Catheter Securement

Grip-Lok is a catheter stabilization device that is strong enough to lock catheters securely in place, yet versatile enough for almost any securement situation. Manufactured catheter stabilization devices are listed as “preferred” in the Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice because they increase catheter dwell times while reducing unscheduled restarts and other catheter complications.

MicroClave ® Neutral Displacement Connector

Clinically proven needle-free technology designed to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination and improve patient outcomes by providing a safe and effective microbial barrier as well as ease-of-use for the patient or caregiver.


® B-D blood transfer Device

This female luer-lok device is designed to allow transfer of blood from a syringe to a Vacutainer tube without exposure to a needle. The male luer-lok version allows blood draws directly from a catheter hub. These are included along with 10cc syringes for all patients requiring weekly or other lab work.


CADD® – Solis VIP Ambulatory Infusion Pump

Selected for state-of-the-art technology and ease of use for intravenous continuous, intermittent, TPN, and pain management therapies.